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Claudia Jung
Claudia Jung
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“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

In times of digital upheaval and demographic labor shortages, it is more urgent for our companies to remember their values. So that they can ensure long-term successful and sustainable cooperation with their talented junior employees, partners and customers.

  • Experience

    Claudia Jung is a longtime experienced manager and industry expert in the consumer goods industry. As a manager, she has taken over control functions along the supply chain, in the purchasing, materials management and logistics segments. In particular, Ms. Jung has focus knowledge in "Indirect Purchasing", for which she has achieved outstanding success in various global management functions. Today, she uses her experience as part of the national and international recruitment of executives and specialists, as well as advising on the possibilities of international temporary employment.

    Ms. Jung shows companies the possibilities to actively face the shortage of skilled workers, to break new ground and at the same time to bind experienced experts and managers to the house. In essence, Ms. Jung focuses on filling key positions in the supply chain and production for the consumer goods industry.

  • Qualifications

    • MBA
    • Specialist Purchasing, Materials Management & Logistics
    • Industrial clerk specializing in "mechanical engineering"
  • Professional focus

    • Recruitment of specialists and executives
    • International recruitment
    • Consulting "Skilled labor shortage"
    • Consumer goods industry