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  • The focus of our work is to find the top performers for your company. Our many years of experience allow us to carry out our executive searches doggedly, adeptly and discretely, either through direct means or by using a selective media service. Our support includes writing content and placing and processing job advertisements.

  • Our consultants have skills that go beyond their excellent recruiting abilities: Vietenplus provides its clients with all the advantages of well thought-out human resources development. The specialized and simultaneously broad extent of our abilities is detailed below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • You know exactly what you are looking for:

    • The “modern version” of a proven top performer
    • Pioneers who promote strategic business areas in the company
    • Specialists who bring new knowledge with them
  • Over the years, we have developed various core areas in our team. For this reason, we always place the contact partner with the most experience in your market segment and industry at your side. Every consultant at Vietenplus is proficient in all areas of operation and management levels – from construction engineers to purchasing directors to the “Business Development Manager Asia-Pacific”.

Executive search

  • What some circles consider to be aggressive “headhunting“, we view as an executive search tailored to your needs. This has almost become a guarantee that the position will be filled, especially in current market conditions. Due to our many years of experience we carry out our executive searches cautiously and unerringly. And we are extremely successful. Why? Because we make systematic searches and can therefore deliver excellent results again and again that do not come about by chance. Our success rate is over 90 percent.

  • We begin with a clearly defined goal. This is based on our dialog with you in which we record all of your needs. The search is carried out systematically using a process we have developed ourselves. We have a closely linked network of contacts in various market segments that greatly accelerates the search process. 

  • vietenplus stands for absolute diligence and a high degree of intuition throughout the entire selection process. We carry out structured interviews and accredited testing depending on the situation. On request, we will supplement the assessment with references. Our candidate selection is so sound that we can guarantee it for 24 months.


  • The Media Service from vietenplus saves time, relieves your HR department and provides anonymous placement. Our work is structured and investigates the quality of individual (online) media with consistent performance monitoring.

    It’s your choice: vietenplus to support you in selecting and placing media ads or our complete service starting from the beginning of the selection process to filling the position. We offer you excellent value for money no matter which option you choose.

  • We provide a modular service structure:

    • We write the content for your ad and “wire it in”. That means that we place it in the right online platforms and job portals. We also place print ads or make use of social media where it appears expedient
    • We pass on the applications we receive to you. If desired, we will evaluate the return flow and communicate with the applicants
    • We can also undertake the entire process of selection and advise you in your decision making process until the perfect person has been found for the job

Human resources development

  • You can make specific use of human resources development at Vietenplus for coaching individual managers, team clarification processes, conclusive performance assessments or careful supervision of severance during the outplacement process.

  • No matter what, detailed questioning is part of vietenplus’ excellent method of operation. For example, we have discovered during our talks with our clients that at times there is a need to arbitrate an internal conflict. Before such a stressful atmosphere puts the brakes on a team’s productivity, we recommend that an experienced conflict consultant be engaged.

Coaching und Outplacement

  • To constructively support the process of change or growth, our consultants provide individual coaching sessions, placing their extensive know-how at your service.

  • If you need to reduce your staff, we can support you during this difficult redundancy period by holding outplacement sessions for individuals and groups. We support workers in these challenging circumstances, helping them to develop options for a new start. We assess and optimize application documents and develop coherent application strategies.


  • Upon request, we carry out management audits and provide aptitude assessment services to determine the most accurate allocation of an executive position within the company. Furthermore, we can analyze the performance structure of a team or individual departments for you. We carry out these assessments using recognized tools.

  • Our consultants have many years of experience and the instinct required to present you with reliable and meaningful results.

Management audit/aptitude assessments

  • Companies are in a constant state of change. This includes internal processes which do not always go in the direction desired.

    We work with excellent partners to support you. Read more under “Network”.

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