Christiane Vieten


Consultant and founder


Twenty years ago, I founded our network of consultants. Today, we work for corporations and medium-sized companies, as well as for small family businesses. Our team has a high level of expertise when it comes to approaching clients directly. At the same time, we are permanently optimising how we work and adjusting it to changing market conditions. Our effective research organisation has been further enhanced by a shrewd online media strategy. And this means we keep on achieving excellent search results for our customer base. Our network completes search requests on an international level, and job vacancies are filled by the absolute best candidate.


  • Degrees in Political Science, History and Business Administration
  • Training in human resources coaching
  • Academic work in the university sector
  • Artistic work in an independent studio

Professional focus

  • Specialist and executive recruiting
  • Approaching clients directly and media-complemented search
  • Change management processes
  • Industry, service, medical devices and food production