What we do benefits you.
Let’s talk about vietenplus.

Recruitment is our core business – and our service begins well before the actual search process. Before we start, we want to understand exactly what your concerns are and which services are required of us. We invest time with you in order to fully understand the requirements placed both on the person and the position that needs to be filled. These succinctly phrased profiles put us on the right track – one that we follow consistently, creatively and tenaciously until an excellent solution for the vacant position has been found.

Our above-average success in recruiting did not come about because we ‘reinvented the wheel’. However, we work hard, persistently and constructively and constitute a committed partner to our clients at all times. The same applies to all services that our ‘Excellence in Human Resources’ partners offer.

Our attitude

+ constructiveness
+ thinking ahead
+ passion
+ reliability
+ discretion
+ loyalty

Defining how our attitude can achieve your goal.
Let’s talk about our attitude.

To us ‘Excellence in Recruiting’ means going beyond the expectations of our most discerning clients. Being better at getting the point and being able to complete complex tasks. Better at understanding the uniqueness of our clients. Better at empathising with those in the position of the HR manager, the employer and the decision-maker.

We make our clients’ concerns our own, view applicants through their ‘lenses’ and hold interviews from their perspective. In addition to helpful suggestions, constructive consulting also requires critical lateral thinking and some constructive discomfort. Decision-makers like to use us as sparring partners, welcoming the benefits of our wide-ranging market and industry expertise.

In line with our distinctive passion for our profession, we cultivate Hanseatic virtues in our dealings with our clients. These include reliability based on mutual trust, discretion and loyalty.

Rethinking things in light of the situation.
Let’s talk about the job market.

Human resources is gaining significance as well as becoming increasingly controversial. Those who adapt themselves to the skills shortage need customised strategies to avoid being assigned to the scrapheap when well-qualified thinkers and clever creative minds are eagerly sought.

Irrespective of temporary upturns and downturns, as service providers or manufacturers our clients are international competitors in an export-oriented economy. Companies from emerging nations are gaining ground in this area.

These companies (still) manufacture under more advantageous general conditions. At the same time innovative commercial centres are being developed in these countries. In order to survive in the global market, our clients are forced to constantly reassess, optimise and streamline their in-house processes. They have to score with fresh ideas and new technologies. Lean thinking also involves commercial viability. Where are the new managers who can develop and implement strategies for this?

In the current employment market, such capable minds are certainly both rare and in demand. When our clients place their employment searches in our hands, they are assuring the success of their companies and benefiting from ‘Excellence in Recruiting’.