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Companies grow, change and adapt their structures. Whether or not changes actually work greatly depends on whether employees and executives are up to the new challenge. In some cases external consultants, training sessions, an intervention or a facilitation process can work wonders. Here it is important to support and develop the skills of the employees and try out new cooperation or management methods. We round off our proposals to you with human resource development experts with various backgrounds and education. We would like to introduce you to two of our ‘Excellence in Human Resources’ partners.

Christiane Vieten explains: ‘We recommend our customers to work with Mr Briegel or Mr Wilmes if structures are to be changed fundamentally or if deadlocked, deep-seated conflict dynamics in groups or between departments disrupt the work process. Working on such conflict situations constitutes the respective strengths of Klaus Briegel and Michael Wilmes, who complement our skills perfectly.’

In dialogues, I prefer a direct, respectfully confrontational style, seasoned with more than just a dash of humour and lightness of touch. In this way, I accompany the customers of vietenplus with great commitment and respect for their own and my stress threshold.

Michael Wilmes has worked for more than 20 years as a freelance coach, consultant and conflict moderator. He helps managers develop their role coherently. He helps executives develop proactive, responsible patterns of thought and try out new patterns of behaviour, including on stage.

The development of people and organisations is only sustainable if it is possible to combine corporate goals and personal learning. In my work, I combine consistent orientation towards results as part of achieving goals and creating individual growth of people involved, because only people who learn can bring about organisational change.

Klaus Briegel focuses on company and organisational development, strategy, goals and working towards change. He gained his professional experience in various management positions in the automotive industry and its subcontractors, most recently as the head of Internal Consulting at Mercedes Trucks. As an independent business consultant and a member of the Kessel&Kessel Strategy Consulting team, he works with the vietenplus consultant network as a trusted partner.