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Welcome to vietenplus.

Executive research means being able to quickly and reliably find the right manager, the right expert or the right executive for that vacant or new position in your company in a competitive market. vietenplus is a network of free consultants, which sees itself as management’s sparring partner and an excellent addition to your own HR department. We carry out focused, systematic executive searches throughout our excellent network. In addition, we provide search processes supported by media, from hidden advertising, through selection procedures to filling job vacancies.

Our service portfolio includes experts in all areas of human-resources consulting. Over the years, we have developed a feel for the individual needs of our clients, giving us the unerring ability to staff vacant positions. That is what we mean by ‘Excellence in Recruiting’.

Christiane Vieten

Christiane Vieten, Geschäftsführerin bei vietenplus Unternehmensberatung
‘I achieved one of my life goals when I founded my own company in 2004. Since then I have been continuously improving and altering what we have achieved in order to attain a greater degree of effectiveness.’

Christiane Vieten
Christiane Vieten
‘Konosuke Matsushita once said that ‘business is people’. Although people seldom subscribe to this idea in today’s world, the statement is more relevant to me now than ever before.’

Tanja Brill
‘The desire within and goal of my work is to unite the right candidates with my clients in a way that satisfies both sides. This means for me being involved in a creative search process with a sound intuition for the right candidates. For me personally as a father of three, it is important to keep my job and my family in balance.’

Jens Normann
‘Management is the most inventive of all arts – it is the art to leverage talents accurately!’

These words by Robert McNamara have always been the guiding principle and benchmark for staff management and organisation in my work to date. Therefore I ensure in particular that candidates’ talents are a good match with the vacant posts of a company. This is the only way to guarantee a successful long-term collaboration.

Ansgar Schneider
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